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 CLA InSight

CLA InSight Technology

The InSight scanner has been used for many years to provide objective data on what is going on inside a body, specifically the spinal region. When the doctor scans the spine, the scanner checks heart rate variability, electromyography and thermography and places all of this data into a health score and report that Dr. Allen then shows and explains to you. The main goal of performing this scan is to detect hidden patterns of stress and to then track changes through the care plan to ensure that the care you or your child is receiving is working, and if it isn't what changes need to be made. 

The InSight has allowed Dr. Allen to be neurologically focused in his care of patients instead of focusing primarily on pain and ensure that patients receive accurate and meaningful care that is easy for them to understand and see visually.


Upper Cervical

Dr. Allen is the only chiropractor in the Cache Valley area who is certified and trained in Knee-Chest Upper Cervical technique. This technique focuses on the first two bones in the vertebral column, and through x-ray analysis Dr. Allen is able to find the exact direction in which to restore proper alignment of these bones, thus clearing the subluxation and allowing proper neurologic function of the brain, brainstem, and the rest of the nervous system. 

During the initial examination, Dr. Allen will determine whether or not you are a candidate for this technique.



This technique was developed by Dr. Larry Webster, founder of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA). He described this technique as to address what he called "intrauterine constraint," or abnormal forces and stresses being applied to the uterus. By reducing the stresses on the mother's pelvis and uterus, the baby would be given more room to move within the womb on their own. 

This technique is specific to the pelvis, mainly the sacrum, and the ligaments that are most commonly under strain through pregnancy: the round ligaments, sacrotuberous ligaments, and the broad ligaments. Through this technique, Dr. Allen is trained in this technique and can assess where the strain is, and provide specific adjustments and gentle soft tissue work of these ligament attachment points to the abdominal wall. 

Family Walk
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