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  • B.S. ( Exercise Physiology) 

       Brigham Young University,


  • D.C. (Doctor of Chiropractic) 

       Cleveland University,

       Kansas City

Dr. Talon Allen, chiropractor

Considering chiropractic...

Dr. Allen's first "Ah-HA!" moment followed the birth of his third child. He and his wife (pictured below, also office manager) noticed their baby wouldn't raise one of his arms over his head and when brought up to their pediatrician it was told there wasn't much to be done. They would just have to wait until he was 3 or older to reassess for potential surgery. No parent wants to receive news like that, but it seemed the only option. Meanwhile this same baby also struggled from colic. They found a pediatric chiropractor who helped resolve not only the colic and indigestion but restored full range of motion and function of his arm through gentle adjustments to his collar bone which had been (as they found out) displaced during birth.

Driven to find a way to help others, as has always been his passion, Dr. Allen was drawn to pursue Chiropractic himself after trying on a few other "hats" that just didn't quite fit.

In chiropractic, however, it would seem he found his calling. His keen ability to provide specific, and effective neurologically-based chiropractic care has paved the way for him to be considered one of the best in Cache Valley. He has dedicated his life to becoming the best, so to provide the best care for his community.

Other of Dr. Allen's interests include spending time outside and with his family, working on his personal fitness and reading when he gets the chance.



Office manager

Celina is a mom to 4 creative and wild souls and wife to one lucky guy. She spent many years perfecting the role of "student's wife" and is excited to fulfill her position as The Ridge office manager. As "student's wife" Celina also doubled as "guinea pig" and was privileged to witness Dr, Allen's particular talent and ability grow first-hand.

Celina loves people. She can't wait to meet you and welcome you into The Ridge Chiropractic family!

Some of Celina's talents and interests include art and design, woodworking, staying active by playing outside, hiking, biking, climbing... She loves soccer and volleyball, singing, embarrassing her kids, and treating her sweet tooth. 

TRC Family
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