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We're excited to serve you on your way to better health!



 We provide an office tour for every new patient that walks through our doors to make sure you're familiar with our space and what we have to offer at The Ridge. You're gonna love it.


Whether you've filled out your paperwork online or in-office if we need additional information to best serve you this is when that would take place! Following a completion of care forms, you'll be welcomed in for a..


A team member will conduct a consult and may have additional questions concerning your health history to determine if you are a good fit for chiropractic care! There are SO MANY things that chiropractic care can help with! Unfortunately there are still some cases that wouldn't benefit.

Our priority is your health and wellness. We put honesty and integrity first in you trusting us to your care.


In our office we use InSight scanning technology to better assess what's going on in your body especially surrounding your neck and spine. These scans allow us to look deeper to the underlying causes of the stressors on your nervous system. We will need clear access to your skin so we ask that you dress in a office-provided patient gown which will allow us to perform this scan.


The very best part! Once we've got all the info and Dr. Allen has been able to assess and address your specific needs, you'll be invited to a table where you'll get your first adjustment at The Ridge! This may be done on Day 1, but if Dr. Allen feels there is more to discuss you may be adjusted on Day 2 after the Doctor's Report. 

By trusting and allowing us to help restore your alignment helps ensure that your body will be performing at its best, stresses removed, to heal and be well! We're so excited for the future of your health!


Once the doctor has reviewed the health history, scan and x-rays, he will detail for you what he found, what he is able to or not able to do about it, how long he expects it to take for healing and changes to be made, and answer any questions you have for him. One of the biggest things we strive for is complete honesty and transparency. If Dr. Allen is not completely sure on a question you ask, he will tell you upfront and make sure he finds the answer as quickly as possible. 


After the first visit, consultation and adjustment, Dr. Allen will compile a more in-depth educational report for you based on the information we're able to collect, what it means for you and your body, and suggestions for moving forward toward better and more functional nervous-system health!

We believe that the more information you have in your hands the better equipped (and motivated) you'll be to follow your path to better, functional health.

That's our goal, after all... to help you find the happiest, healthiest version of your life, through healthier, more effective nervous system function.

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